Thursday, August 27

The First Leaves Turning...


I know that we are weeks away from real autumn weather, but we have already spotted the first few golden and russet leaves in our woods.  We'll enjoy the heat of the sun while it is here, though...  September is the best time to go to the beach!

Roy + Mirona...

May God Grant You Many Years, Roy and Mirona!

Tuesday, August 25

The Little Joys...

Grandfather Bear and I were chatting today and he told me about an article he read that reported on a study on stress reducers.  According to the University of Sussex, reading something engrossing (for just 6 minutes) reduces stress by 68 percent, listening to music by 61 percent, enjoying a mug of tea or coffee reduces stress by 54 percent, and taking a walk by 42 percent.  

In our fast-paced world, it is easy to feel stressed, but what I love about this study is that it proves that the anecdote to the frenzy is the simple things in life.  It is so easy to listen to a little music while making a meal, enjoy a little tea or coffee break in the afternoon while the children play, take a little stroll in the twilight, or snuggle down with a good book just before turning out the lights.  These soothing little moments in a wild day, can really make the difference, don't you think?

Monday, August 24

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


Church in the Home
This coming Saturday is the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.  One of the things that we like to do on that day (aside from attending the Liturgical services and observing the strict fast day) is to refrain from eating any foods that are round in shape (mainly fruits and vegetables) and to serve our meals in bowls rather than on plates or platters in remembrance of Herodias' request for Saint John's head to be brought to her on a platter.

In the News 
Last week I finished reading The Awakening of Miss Prim, which is the story of a young woman who takes a post as a librarian in a remote French village.  It was a lovely read and I was instantly drawn to the NPR piece on the market of Spanish villages for sale that I heard on my way to buy the newspaper on Sunday morning.

I am very excited that my sister, Juliana, has begun to blog.  She only has one or two posts up currently, but I am hopefully that she will write more about her life soon.  Her latest post is particularly beautiful...  it is the story of her son's birth!

In a special edition of Ancient Faith Today, Kevin speaks, in this extensive interview, with David Daleiden, the director of the Center For Medical Progress, the pro-life activist organization that planned and produced the ​exposé videos that have shaken the abortion industry in the United States.  Have a listen, HERE

In the Kitchen
I made a big batch of Beef Stroganoff tonight!  It is my husband's favorite dinner and though it takes a lot of pots, quite easy to make.  The recipe I follow is from Joy of Cooking (hands down, my favorite cook book!)...  we're probably more than a month  away from being really able to get down to business with good warming dinners, but I feel like Stroganoff bridges the gap between summer foods and autumn foods.  Do you know what I mean?

Sunday, August 23

The Last Week of August...


How are we in the last week of August?  This month has positively flown by.     These last few days have been busy ones with a wedding on Saturday, all of the regular weekend church services, a barbeque at a friend's beautiful new house on Sunday afternoon, a movie date with my mother-in-law on Sunday evening, house cleaning (in preparation for my father-in-law's visit this week), and a full week of school and violin.  

We are reaching the end of our first month of homeschooling three little ones and it is going well.  I am glad that we began a bit early, mostly because of the plans we have in October, but also because it gave us time to adjust to our school work before the September start of some of the classes we attend.   It's hard to transition right into school, classes, and activities.

Despite the busyness of our weekend, I still found a bit of time to bake.  I made a plum torte with some locally picked plums from the farm stand up the road (this was served at coffee hour on Sunday after Liturgy), a blueberry custard pie (we brought this to our friend's barbeque), and finally a peach, nectarine, and blueberry torte (I used the last of the peaches and nectarines we picked a few weeks ago in this version of the plum torte).  I would like to get a few more pounds of peaches and nectarines from the orchard near us, but I'm not sure if that will be possible.  We'll be plucking rosy apples off the trees next! 

Saturday, August 22

The Dog Days of August...



The sprinkler twirls.
The summer wanes.
The pavements wears
Popsicle stains.

The playground grass
Is worn to dust.
The weary swings
Creak, creak with rust.

The trees are bored
With being green.
Some people leave
The local scene.

And go to seaside
And take off nearly 
All their clothes. 

John Updike

Thursday, August 20

Diary of a Young Wife...

For about a year before I started this journal of our days, I attempted to blogged at Diary of a Young Wife.    I really regret deleting that first blog because I enjoy looking back through this one to remember the things that happened in our lives at different times.  Fortunately, my friend Courtney let me know about The Way Back Machine.  It has nine different pages of Diary of a Young Wife archived, so I was able to look back on some of my days as a new wife, expectant mama, mediocre housewife, and first grade teacher.  I am pretty sure that I posted a lot more than was saved, but I am thankful to have these little snippets of our first year of marriage.  I manually imported fourteen posts to this blog for posterity's sake.  Click through to see what a silly-heart I was!   

The Hunts...


  Though I had good intentions to attend loads of outdoor concerts and performances with the trio this summer, it didn't happen until tonight.  We were able to see The Hunts play nearby and were thrilled with their music.  Have a listen below:

Tuesday, August 18

Fir Wreath...


I couldn't wait to knit with the Madeline Tosh Fir Wreath sock yarn anymore, so I wound it into two cakes and cast on to a Present Cowl.  I am holding the yarn double (my first time), using a size 8 needle, and I cast on 220 stitches.  It is a very simple pattern that uses only knitting and purling to achieve a striped look.
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