Friday, December 19

Gingerbread Houses...

We've been decorating gingerbread houses every December for several years now and always have a lot of fun (and make a huge mess!).  The children decorated a tiny gingerbread village using all of the candy and icing that came in the box. I was inspired by Barn Raising's birdseed gingerbread house and so I tried to recreate it myself.  My house was already put together, so it was easy to spread peanut butter all over the house and add a colorful birdseed mix to the roof and thinly sliced dried apricot and pineapple to the walls.  I nestled it in our birdbath outside of the dining room window and the blue jays have  been loving it!  Hopefully they'll let their woodland friends know and it will get eaten up soon. I want to use more color (cranberries!) next year...  Here's to new traditions!

Wednesday, December 17

The 2015 Orthodox Christian Calendar...

Look at the amazing calendar Xenia Kathryn created!  It includes 13 wonderful illustrations that will make jotting down your family's activities truly pleasant!  Each calendar is only $17 and the proceeds from calendar sales will go to the Building Fund of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Oregon.

Here are some of the details:

The calendar features 13 copyrighted watercolor and/or pen and ink illustrations, running from January 2015 through January 2016. Included are the twelve major feast days, Great Lent and other important dates in the ecclesiastical year, according to the New Calendar (Gregorian). It is printed on medium weight cardstock, and is ready to hang on your wall.

This wall calendar measures: 7.5”(h) x 10” (w) folded.
Unfolded, as presented on your wall, it will measure 15”(h) x 10” (w) 

To order your own Orthodox Christian Calendar, please visit Xenia Kathryn's Etsy shop, Grover Eats Beans.

Yarn Along: Fragrant Honey...

While we were on our little week-long adventure last week, my sister and I took turns browsing in a local-to-our-parents yarn shop.  They had loads of Madeline Tosh and Kate was get three skeins of DK weight yarn in the Fragrant colorway.  I love knitting cowls, so when she offered to knit up the yoke on my son's sweater in exchange for me knitting a Honey Cowl for her, I said yes!

I'm using the notes that I took for my extra large Honey Cowl last autumn and am hoping to have this pretty pink one done by December 29th (the day of our extended family's Christmas party.  I'm already about four and half inches in (one skein's worth) and so I think that finishing it just might be do-able!

I've been reading Evening Class and just wrapped that up last night.  Now I'll start reading all of the Christmas books I have!  I think that I'll start with The Lion in the Box.  The children and I just read Something for Christmas and thought that it was very sweet!

Monday, December 15

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Today was quite a Monday.  We were away all last week visiting family while Papa was on a work trip to Texas.  Visiting was loads of fun and I got to tackle most of our Christmas shopping while we were near fun shops, but I feel very behind on Christmas preparations now that we are home.  I was able to keep my hands busy while we were doing our lessons with one of my very favorite December activities:  making paper snowflakes!  I only finished up the large coffee filter ones and so tomorrow I'll work on the smaller cupcake liner snowflakes.  Other than twinkle lights, I think that the wintry windows are my favorite decorations!


Friday, December 12


How is our sweet boy seven years old already?

Thursday, December 11

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