Sunday, September 14

Riverbank Cowl...

I was in the midst of casting off for my Riverbank Cowl (the smaller size on the project page) when I got the news that Baby Sebastian had finally arrived!  I think that I will remember that moment every time I see this cowl!  It was so exciting!

I chose to use Madeline Tosh DK in Black Walnut (2 skeins) and a size 4 needle for this entire project (it calls for a size 6 to be used once the ribbing is completed, but mine was being used for a different project at the time).  I made a few changes to the pattern that I am pleased with.  I am not a huge fan of ribbing, so instead of 3 inches of ribbing at the beginning and end of the cowl, I only knit five rows for each.  In addition, I knit 2, purled 2 for my ribbing rather than knit 1, purl 1.  Because I only had a little bit of ribbing at the beginning and end of the cowl, I decided to repeat the pattern three times, rather than twice.  I severely blocked the cowl and was very impressed with how light and airy it is!

The resulting cowl was very nice to wear tonight.  It was our first autumn-like evening and I spent it watching Macbeth in the park...  my neck was nice and cozy!

The Exaltation of the Most Precious Cross...

Before Thy Cross
We Bow Down in Worship O Master,
And Thy Holy Resurrection,
We Glorify.


The Learning Basket for The Exaltation of the Holy Cross can be found HERE.  

Lucy's a Big Sister!

Sweet Lucy became a big sister last night!  We are so excited that Uncle Peter and Auntie Kate's new baby boy has arrived and can't wait until we get to hold him!

Thursday, September 11

Shell Seekers...

Today was 85 degrees and we treated it like it was the last hot day of the year (just in case!).  We took a little trip to the beach and went swimming, which we hadn't done all summer.  The water was warm and the shell-seeking was really wonderful and we ended up filling up my husband's shoes with our collection.  While chicken for our Caesar salad was baking, we washed our shells and took baths, and then after dinner the little ones organized them into little groupings.  I tried to preserve all of their little piles on a tray for the nature table...  I think that it will be awhile before we have glossy little acorns and colorful leaves adorning our playroom! 

Wednesday, September 10

Living and Learning: September...

Church New Year
Nativity of the Theotokos
Elevation of the Precious Cross
Saints Juvenaly and Peter

Visit large farmers market a few time before it closes for the year
Begin Serving Warming Meals
September Beach Trips

Place order for a firewood delivery Spend Evenings Outside by the Fire Pit
Organize Out of Season Children's Clothing
Plan Children's Autumn Wardrobes and Start a List of Things Needed
Decorate Porch with Mums and Ornamental Cabbage
Continue Good Homemaking Habits
Replenish Everyone's Socks, Pajamas, and Undershirts
Put Out Autumn Decorations
Organize Seasonal Decorations
Begin Baking Again! Decorate with Dried Hydrangeas
Knit Riverbank Cowl

Learning Basket Themes

Read Alouds Little House in the Big Woods 
Charlotte's Web
How to Train Your Dragon, Book 3

Special Days

Full Harvest Moon – 9th 
 + Michelle – 19th
Auntie Claudia – 20th
Uncle Peter – 24th
Grandmama – 30th

Practice Patience and Love toward one another
Singing – O Heavenly King
Practice cleaning the bathrooms together
Practice sweeping
 Tidy bedrooms each morning   

Enjoy the Autumn Book Basket
Nature Table Scene
Begin Third Grade for Sugar Plum!
Begin First Grade for Little Man!
Apple Picking

Take a visit to a beautiful garden
Trip to art museum Learning Basket for Nativity of the Theotokos
Learning Basket for Elevation of the Precious Cross
Visit the beach frequently before it gets too cold
Weekly Library Trip 
Begin Weekly Gym Class 
Begin weekly art class
Speech classes for Little man and Button with Miss Kelly
Spend 30 minutes to one hour in Quiet Time each afternoon
Poetry Teatimes

Yarn Along: Charlotte's Web...

I totally miscalulated how much time I'd have to knit this past week.  The answer is none!  I should have been able to knit on Monday night and Tuesday evening, but the truth is that I was too busy being tired from the retreat!  Anyway, the Riverbank Cowl should be finished by next week, but I won't make any promises!

The little ones and I are reading Charlotte's Web.  We're using Brave Writer's A Quiver of Arrows for our Language Arts/Writing and are very excited by all of the wonderful books we get to read this year!

Tuesday, September 9

Today Felt Like a Monday...

A certain four year old crawled into our bed in the wee hours of the morning...  I've gotten out of practice co-sleeping with a wiggly child and so we eventually rolled out of bed much earlier than I wanted to.  Bacon, eggs, and a slice of toasted challah made things a bit more bearable. 

There are tiny signs that autumn is on her way.  I made chicken pot pie (more like deconstructed chicken pot pie since we opted to enjoy our biscuits on the side).  I want to make a list of all of those stick-to-your-ribs meals that we like so much during the colder months.  I also want to make another of all of the autumnal things we want to be sure to do...  speaking of which, I never did my September Living and Learning posts!  I'll work on that tomorrow!
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